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"Beautiful, warm, inviting space. The best people. Fantastic coffee & freshly baked goods. Live entertainment. Wish I could visit here weekly! Can’t wait to see all the Lord does through this business & family."

Brian Bell

Love this store. Great gifts. Great people. Going back for the 3rd time to get the same item because those I've given it to have shown it to others, who have asked for it for their birthday.

Beckye Taylor

A fabulous, quaint, Christian focused environment!!

Large tea selection, best coffee, delicious pastries, single origin coffees!

Linda Conti

The Fitzgerald Manor

The Fitzgerald Manor was built in the 1860s by Irish immigrant, Henry Fitzgerald. The historic Italianate architecture is highlighted by the three story tower on the front of the house, and the interior is filled with beautiful mahogany woodwork, original wood flooring, and an amazing spiral staircase that leads to the belvedere. There was a time when one's wealth and social status was determined in part by the height of their roof line, but at Inside Out Markets, we choose to treat each person with respect and kindness. Our goal is to create a place where folks feel valued & welcomed, where people can come in and do life together. During a season that has encouraged society to stay in and socially distance, the Lord has called us to get out and spread hope. Grab a friend and a coffee and enjoy your time at the Markets!

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Inside Out Markets is located at 562 South Water Avenue in Gallatin, Tennessee. We can't wait to see you!